Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Sounds - Three Weird Sisters

Another Sunday, another song...I love Sundays!

Today's song is "Hymn" by the amazing Three Weird Sisters. These beautiful ladies (and several friends, as evidenced on the featured track today) have been a constant presence in our home since we were introduced to them back in... well, I don't remember when.

I do remember when I heard this song; it was at the North Georgia Celtic Festival a few years ago. Three Weird Sisters opened their performance with "Hymn"...those voices rang out and the lyrics filled my heart to near bursting. After I wiped my eyes and enjoyed the rest of the concert, I checked the schedule, found their next performance stage, and got there early for a better seat.

Hymn is on the album "Hair of the Frog." You can find it here, along with "Rite the First Time" - another TWS album that has a place of honor in our collection.


By Gwen Knighton
© 2002

When there's fear in my heart,
Lady, I'm singing.
When there's gladness,
I'm singing, too.
Songs of joy, love, and pain,
Lady, I'm singing,
Sending all my songs
Home to you.

When there's work to be done,
Lord, I'm singing.
When there's sport to be had,
I'm singing, too.
Songs of play, love, and toil,
Lord, I'm singing,
Sending all my songs
Home to you.

Every breath I take,
Let me be singing.
Every step a dance
I dance with you.
Every beat of my heart,
Let me be singing,
Sending all my songs
Home to you.

All around the world,
Your children are singing,
Good and bad times,
We're singing, too.
Listen to the Summerland:
Don't you hear singing?
Bringing all our songs
Home to you.

(Repeat first verse)

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  1. Beautiful ! I love listening to your 'Sunday Sounds'.


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