Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Sounds: Bobby McFerrin

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening...whenever and wherever you are)!

Today's gift of music and prayer comes from Bobby McFerrin, from an album that rests near the top of the list of five albums I would keep if I had to give up all others. The album is Medicine Music and the song is "The 23rd Psalm."

This much loved Psalm speaks so profoundly of gratitude, of saying "yes" to all that is right now, of enough. And Bobby McFerrin's vocal brilliance and heart make this rendition more moving than ever. The fact that he acknowledges the female half of the All doesn't hurt my feelings, either. If you have headphones, do yourself a favor and put them on so you can really hear the magic.

Wishing you a gentle day of awareness, of gratitude, of enough.

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  1. Oh my. Perhaps if I made this a night time ritual I would sleep better !


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