Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Christmas music makes me smile...and that's good because there's no escaping it!  Today I heard Mariah Carey singing, "Joy to the World"...and she really rocks that song!  The lyrics of the song struck me as particularly appropriate today:

"Let every heart prepare him room..."

Whether you celebrate the birth of the Son or the rebirth of the sun...there's a lot of wisdom in those words. We have to make room in our hearts for the light.

Our world is instantaneous information, visual and auditory assault day and reports make sure we know the horrific state of the exploitation assures that every transgression and disappointment committed by public figures will be forced into our minds...economic pressures, holiday pressures, social all adds up to a lot of darkness.

Maybe one of the lessons of the season is to learn to let in the prepare room by distancing ourselves from the darkness just a not let ourselves be so consumed with all that is wrong that we leave no room for what is good and right and beautiful.

Kindness still exists in this world. Beauty is everywhere. Compassion can be found. The light of love burns brightly if we but make space for it.

Welcome the newborn Son. Welcome the reborn sun. Prepare him/it room. Let in the light.

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  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    let go of hurt, anger, transgressions and let in the light of our Savior...what's stopping you?


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