Thursday, December 17, 2009

Book Review: The Sid Series by Yvonne Perry

How do you help a young child explore the concept of inner guidance? How do you talk to your children about diversity, facing their fears, listening to their body's wisdom? Yvonne Perry has written a delightful series of children's stories that explore these topics and more.

Inspired by her grandson, Sidney, Yvonne has woven her weekend visits and adventures with Sidney into charming tales. Those of us who enjoy talking with children can take a hint from the straightforward, simple, loving language "Von-Von" uses when talking with Sidney about concepts as difficult as the death of a loved pet or as potentially frightening as a monster in the closet.

Perhaps more importantly, Yvonne's stories are written from a holistic approach. Sidney is an exceptional child with spiritual gifts, and Yvonne gently helps him embrace his gifts in a way he can understand. In "A Powerful Potion: The Power of Imagination," Sidney's dog, Blue Girl, is injured. Sidney makes a special potion to heal her. His Von-Von uses the experience to help him understand the power of his imagination...a gentle, age-appropriate introduction to magical concepts that sets the stage for more learning as he grows older.

Those who are looking for stories to share with very young children - or parents who would like some ideas for how to talk with their little ones about holistic spiritual concepts without getting over their heads - will find The Sid Series to be just the ticket. The illustrations are charming and fun, the stories short, simple, and sweet. Don't let that fool you...these stories carry big concepts. There is a definite shortage of material for children that touches on these concepts, and The Sid Series is a welcome breath of fresh air.

You can learn more about The Sid Series at Yvonne's Blog, or you can purchase a copy at Amazon. Stories can also be purchased individually, and there's a coloring book that makes a fun addition. Both the coloring book and the individual stories are available on the blog.

Hats off to Yvonne Perry for a great series!


  1. Heartsong, thank you for the incredible review of The Sid Series. I'll drop by later to see if anyone has questions I can answer.

    Have a blessed holiday season!

    Yvonne Perry

  2. What a beautiful and well deserved review, Yvonne. And wow, do I love the logo on your blog, Linda! It is so awesome.

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