Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sounds: Dave Carroll

Finally!  Yes, I know I've been away for a VERY long time. No excuses. Sometimes you just need to take a break, I guess. Thanks for hanging with me. :)

Today's Sunday Sounds comes from Dave Carroll, a talented Canadian singer-songwriter whom I had the pleasure to hear (and speak with briefly) at a conference in San Mateo, California. The conference was about social media (all this blogging, Twittering, facebooking madness we love so well). Mr. Carroll was there because he successfully used social media (in the form of a trilogy of songs on YouTube called, "United Breaks Guitars"...yes, that Dave Carroll) to shame United Airlines...and more power to him. If you haven't seen the videos, check them out here.  His story of how United Airlines broke his guitar and then staunchly refused to take responsibility and make it right is one we can all relate to. The fact that he didn't just lay down, roll over, and take it lands Dave Carroll on my hero list.

Back to today's song. After he spoke, he shared a single song of his album, "Perfect Blue." The song is "Now" and...well, it moved me. A lot. And so I hope it is with you. Listen.