Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sounds: Emerald Rose

We had a wonderful Samhain celebration here last I will carry with me all year. As a result of my well after two AM bedtime and my hungover without the alcohol, sleep-deprived state this morning, today's song is a gentle, wordless offering. :)

Emerald Rose is one of our family's favorite bands. They played at our wedding; in fact, we scheduled our wedding around their availability because we wanted them there so badly.

Look for more Emerald Rose in the future; they are fine songwriters and performers, and do some tasty covers, as well. For today, enjoy Autumn in Asheville from the album Archives of Ages to Come...and please, if you enjoy the muisic, support these independent musicians by making a purchase to add to your collection



  1. That was some excellent flute playing! Piccolo? I'm supposed to know instruments! Emerald Rose has a very nice sound and what a privilege to have them at your wedding. :o)

  2. Penny whistle, actually, and yes, Larry Morris is a fine whistle player. We've been following the band for several years and it's been amazing to watch him develop. He was good when we first heard them; he's grown to more than good. :)

    Emerald Rose is local to the Dahlonega area...they play frequently at the Crimson Moon. You should check out a live show.


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