Monday, October 12, 2009

Four Thousand Beautiful Words

I haven't done a photo post like this in a while, but I had the urge tonight to just share things that have caught my eye of late. Grateful eyes see beauty everywhere. With all the rain we've had lately...well, there seems to be a theme.

A Gerbera daisy in my yard

Beads of water on a leaf on the deck

Cherry tomatoes in our garden

Water droplets on the dressina plant

All photos by Linda Davenport 2009


  1. Beautiful ! I love the rain droplets.

  2. Agreed. These kinds of pictures make me better understand why photography is considered an art form.

  3. Glad you enjoy them, friends. I enjoy photography...both as an art form and as a way of capturing some small part of the beauty that surrounds me and sharing it. Thanks for looking. :)


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