Thursday, October 01, 2009

Poetry: Divine Mother

A cherished friend and heart sister wrote this poem recently. Her background is Christian and she has described her spiritual leanings fairly recently as a Christian-Buddhist-Pagan mix. Her words touched me deeply and I wanted to share them with you.

It is, I believe, the first stanza that captured me most. What courage lives in those three short lines..and what wonders await us when we set aside our narrow precepts and believe there could be more.

Come .. open your heart to my voice.
Set aside narrow precepts.
Believe there could be more.

Come .. allow yourself to feel my touch.
Relax in my gentle breeze.
Breathe my scent after rain.

Come .. let me soothe your thoughts.
Know my peacefulness.
Recenter in my calm.

Come .. embrace my love.
Allow me in your world.
Rest in your mother's arms.

(Divine Mother - RJH 092909)


  1. Thank you for your kind words. There are so many ways to enrich our lives, to grow spiritually, without nearly so much conflict as we might have thought .. if we will only open our hearts and minds. Whatever path we take to become more compassionate human beings benefits us all.

  2. No wonder I turned out so well - look at the stock I come from!!

  3. This is very beautiful. Yes, it is courageous. But it is also so warm...a courage born of the love which overcomes fear.

    I can very much understand the Christian-Buddhist-Pagan mix. In some ways that describes me. Thank you for sharing, and blessings to your friend, the author.

  4. When I said "But" it is warm, I was thinking that sometimes my own courage is born of fear, that it can be back-against-the-wall desperate, that it sometimes lacks warmth. The kind of courage expressed in this poem is far higher than that. You see...I don't always communicate my thoughts as precisely as I would like. :o)

  5. Oh .. and this picture goes perfectly !


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