Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bright Yellow Conversations

Days come and go
work flows in and out
and blends into continuous shades of
gray and grayer.

We put on our corporate masks
take on our business casual aspects
and don the drab mantle of
political correctness.

Then you drop by
and for a few minutes
we talk with each other
not at each other
using real words
about real things
in a real conversation.

A spot of bright color
appears and spreads
right in the middle of my day.

Thank you, friend, for
speaking truth
laughing freely
having the courage to offend
when truth is offensive
turning on the light
and throwing a brief but beautiful
bucket of colorful conversation
against the plain backdrop
waking me from the restless sleep
of the terminally careful.

Dedicated to friends and colleagues who understand that real conversation doesn't tiptoe around; it wears big boots and wades right into the scary places, where all good conversations start.

Wishing you bright, bold, colorful conversations...everyday!

Photo by Linda Davenport 2009


  1. Sometimes a post is so good it leaves me speechless. This is one of those posts. So I don't comment, because what can I say? But then I check back, and see that no one has commented. Perhaps we are all tongue-tied. And I think, does the author know how wonderful her words are? Does she think no one is paying attention? Your words are glorious, Heartsong. Sometimes they leave me speechless.

  2. Well, yes, sometimes I DO wonder if anyone is reading this stuff at all, or if something I've written failed to move anyone but me! I suspect every writer does that to some extent.

    I write because...well, because I have something to say, I guess...but I'd be lying to myself and everyone else if I didn't admit that I check for comments like a hopeful child. Not seeing comments doesn't stop me from writing, but receiving comments like this one sure does make it better. ;)

    Thank you, friend, for being so kind. When you join in the conversation here, it's sweet honey and myrrh for this writer's heart. I'm thrilled when something I say here touches you. Thank you!

    Humbled, grateful, and doing the happy dance...



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