Thursday, August 07, 2008

Can I just tell you... cool it is that I just found something I wrote being used as an email signature?

Yeah...I know...intellectual property and all that...and yes, the person is using my words without attribution or permission...but...

How cool is that? I'm sitting at my desk typing but I'm doing a happy dance on the inside and grinning like a possum! (That's an old expression from here in the southeastern United States, though I've never actually seen a possum grinning.)

The specific words are those of a little chant/song I wrote a couple of years ago. I've sung it at a few campfires and shared it with just a few others (by request after having sung it around one of those campfires) via an email group, but it's otherwise quite unknown. I suspect that the person who is using it on email saw them through a Yahoo Group that I belong to.

How she found it is really unimportant. That she wanted to put it on her email is the important thing. My words...mine...meant enough to someone that she attaches them to her messages, right under her name, for all the world to see.

That makes me all kinds of inexplicably large amounts of happy!

Deep breath...

Ok...back to work for time over...but I'm still smiling.


  1. VERY cool! The words are? Tell us! Tell us!

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Yes, by all means... WHAT are the words?

  3. Thanks for asking!

    The words are chant lyrics, sung in a call-and-response style...a little less-than-stellar when taken out of that context, but here goes:

    I go up to the mountain;
    I go down to the sea;
    I am standing in the sun's fire
    And the winds blow over me.
    I take strength from the mountain;
    I take comfort from the sea;
    I am burning with the sun's fire
    And the winds are changing me.


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