Friday, August 21, 2009

Take a Walk With Me...

My day started with a walk in the woods behind our home. Nothing spectacular happened...unless you count just being in the woods as the sun climbs over the ridge...and I do.

Come with me...

Spider webs abound. I didn't have the heart to damage this one. She'd already taken a hit (near the top) and her tasty breakfast was trapped in the center. I changed my entire route to avoid tearing up her web...

...and because I changed routes, I met this little guy on the path. We always talk about turtles being slow, but his one was right spritely! He slowed down a bit when he figured out I wasn't going to grab him, but not before he covered some ground.

Sometimes the simplest things are really pretty. I don't even know what this plant is, but the gracefullness of the slender stems and tiny leaves just caught my eye.

Another gift...a tiny trumpet vine blossom...very small but the bight orange color jumped out at me.

And I got to indulge my fascination with leaves. There is something just so damned beautiful in the lines and patterns. Blackberry leaves, I believe, and don't you love those sawtooth edges?

Finally, my favorite sight of the morning...a dead branch hosting a lively bunch of lichen and moss. There are at least three different types on this one branch, and they're so pretty. (click on the photo to get a better view) The branch is "dead"...or is it? It's supporting all that life. Who's to say?

Thanks for letting me take you along. If you get a chance, go take a walk outside and see what you can see. It's an amazing world.

Photos by Linda Davenport, August 2009


  1. I love your view of the world .. thanks for sharing the pics !

  2. And I love you...thanks for singing along!

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    This is such a neat idea... I love how you use your blog to share things that EVERYONE can relate to instead of just endless pictures and narcissistic oozings about how smart/talented/better-than your kids/husband/work is. To me, that's blogging for higher purpose, and you do it better than best.

  4. Thanks for the refreshing walk! I love the way you SEE!

    Much love to you,


  5. Sitara and Maithri - two of my favorite bloggers in the 'sphere - thank you for singing along.

    One of the many things I enjoy about blogging is the support of and for other bloggers who, like me, try to use their blogs to affect positive change in the world. And without turning this into a mushy love-fest (though I do love a mushy love-fest, don't you?), the two of you are doing that as well or better than anyone.

    We all do what we can...whether we serve beautiful and impoverished children, guide seekers along a spiritual path, or simply show people another way of seeing the world. It's not's never enough...but neither is it nothing. What you do...what we do...has immense value and touches lives in ways we may never know.

    Please keep singing your unique, beautiful songs. The world choir needs your voices. And when you stop by here, I am deeply grateful for the harmony we create.

    Love and admiration,


  6. These are some beautiful photos. The turtle, in particular, looks like the grown-up version of a little baby my Lady Love's father found wandering around in their garden. We showed it to Court's little 22-month cousin, and she couldn't quite decide whether she wanted to hold the baby turtle or not.

    Not sure what kind he was - Courtney's father said, but the exact kind slips my mind right now - but methinks the markings are very similar to the ones in your photo. And yes, he was very fast when he decided to move.

    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog, and Blessed Be!

  7. Hi, Grey Glamer...nice to hear your voice! I enjoy your blog very much. In fact, I'm on my way to leave a comment about your Rock City/Lookout Mountain post.

    I believe the turtle is what we always called a box turtle, but don't quote me on that. Gonna have to look it up now that you've piqued my interest.

    Come sing more have a most engaging "voice."

  8. I took a walk with you this evening, and think you have a beautiful back yard. :o)

    I have begun taking nature walks in my backyard recently, down here in the piedmont country of north Georgia. Sometimes I walk at night (the nights I'm off work).

    Today I walked in the rain. I stood on the pile of rocks in our little woods, and just to the other side of the rocks was a turtle just like your turtle! Only he didn't move. His head & his forelegs were out, soaking in the rain.

    Thank you for being a Light.

  9. Nature walks in the backyard are a wonderful the rain, in the dark...anytime. :)

    I live on the land I grew up on. My father bought the place when I was 10 years old. When my husband and I made the decision to put our home here, we stood in the backyard and made a covenant with the land, the animals, the elements, and the All to be good partners with the land and asking for their cooperation and assistance. They have not let us down. :)




Sing with me...