Monday, January 05, 2009

3,000 Beautiful Words

Sharing some beautiful things that have captured my eye, my lens, my heart of late...

Heraclitus said (loosely paraphrased) that a man cannot stand in the same stream twice because it is never the same stream and he is not the same man. We are constantly in flux, dynamic, evolving, works of art and works in progress.  The stream is always moving.

I love sunrise, expecially in winter. As the days grow short and cold, the daily affirmation that the wheel is always turning warms me and renews my spirit. From light to dark to light again, from strength to weakness and back to strength...take no great pride in days of light...feel no great despair in days of darkness...turn, turn, turn...

Beautiful things are this gentle gift from a farmer's market awhile back. I'm grateful that glowing slivers of July can be saved through the lens to light the shadowy corners of January.

Photos by Autumn Heartsong; Stream in Cosby, Tennessee, USA; Sunrise in my back yard, Harrison, Tennessee, USA; Sunflower and Grapes, informal farmer's market, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.


  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    well, my head's still swimming with 3000 words floating around :-)

    but I'll try to extract a few here:

    yes, sunrise in winter is a beautiful thing. After a cool, cold chill, it is a joy to wake up to the shining light of day. It gives us some hope that we can plough on, get through these difficult and trying months.

    they are definitely not my favourite times of the year, but winter introspection can lead to a flowering of ideas later on. My blog is a good example of this. Conceived in the heart of darkness :-)

    thx for sharing, and hope this season shifts soon. Down here, in Australia, all is lovely and warm!


  2. I've certainly enjoyed the unseasonably cooler weather here in TN. Beauty is found wherever we look. Thanks for the great post and the lovely photos.


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