Thursday, February 09, 2006

Things I am grateful for right this minute...

  1. My class this week. I taught a presentation skills class four mornings this week to a group of eight guys at work. It was a wonderful experience! They were all sincere, honest, and willing to hold themselves and each other accountable and do the uncomfortable and difficult work of putting themselves on the line in front of their peers. I was on top of my game this week, too, and felt really good about the class. What a joy it is to have a job I'm good at and to know that others benefit from what I do.
  2. My daughter's blog posts this week. Amy (or Amybeth as she is known to many) is an excellent writer so her posts are enjoyable to read, but it's her insights that amaze me. We don't always see eye-to-eye (as she likes to say, "If it's not one thing, it's your mother!), but she provides a whole different perspective that is so valuable. Her honesty is delightful and I love her more than breath.
  3. My husband. Always. The man I was destined to walk through whatever we have left in this life with. He is a big, strong, powerful man who chooses to walk gently on the earth. He chooses to love, actively and visibly. And he chooses to love me. I am blessed beyond words.
  4. Cottage cheese and mandarin oranges. A simple, mundane pleasure that just makes my day.
  5. My boss, Teresa. She has a lot of good qualities, but one of her best is that she is faithful to say thank you for the work we do, to praise when it's deserved, and to pass on the praise of others. It makes work a much better place to be.
  6. This computer and the ability to use it. I can reach out and touch friends and strangers. I can reach out and grab knowledge. I can be entertained. I can be productive. I can be silly. This is all good. Really, really good.
  7. Plans to get away with my husband this weekend. If you want to know why, see #3 above.
  8. The book "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnacht. It's an absolute delight and a beautiful map for the year long journey into your own authentic heart.
  9. Sleep. I've been making a real effort to go to bed earlier these days, targeting 10:30 as my bedtime. I find that I feel better in the mornings, and that I start looking forward to bedtime around 9:45.
  10. Music. I am surrounded by it and it enriches my life in so many ways.
For all this and more, I give thanks right now. Life is good.


  1. we need a link to Amybeth's blog! :)

  2. Things I'm thankful for RIGHT now:

    1. Music for road trips.
    2. Oreos and milk.
    3. Dragonflies.
    4. My precious doggies.
    5. Naps
    6. My grass being mowed.
    7. My computer and my internet connection (how did i go so long without it?)
    8. My only ailment is a headache-things could be so much worse.
    9. My vision.
    10. My sanity.


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